WaEV Charge EV1 7kW

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WaEV Charge EV1 7kW
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What are our thoughts about this charger?

Our technical team:

"Packed with features the waEV EV1 charger is a great choice for a home or commercial EV charger. What sets this charger apart is the smart editions ability to be fully commissioned without the need for WIFI due it's bluetooth commissioning feature. This makes this charger very popular for new build applications where the charger can be installed on site when the new home or commercial building is built without a further requirement for an engineer to return to complete the commissioning process when an internet connection has been provided. Added features such as RFID makes this charger a great budget option."

Our installation engineers:

"This charger has everything that you would expect to see on a modern EV charger and even many of the features of the more high end options. Very easy to install and solid build quality, this is a great choice for a cheaper charger that still has most of the features that you would want."

What the manufacturer says:

The waEV-charge EV1 charger has been built from the ground up with quality, safety & future EV technology at its core focus. This charger is both TUV CE & UKCA quality certified, EVHS & WCS, OZEV approved (eligible for £350 grant funding) and features O-PEN protection with no requirement for an earth rod.

The EV1 - RFID edition is designed to be user friendly & secure, with only a simple swipe of the waEV-card required to start/stop charging. The EV1 can also be hard-wired via LAN to integrate with the ev.energy smart app and become a smart charger with features such and scheduled charging, energy monitoring & load balancing.

The EV1 - WiFi Smart edition includes all the features of RFID edition but also benefits from WiFi/Bluetooth wireless connectivity to the charger via the ev.energy smart app which opens up advanced charge features such as scheduled charging, green tariff integration, load balancing & energy monitoring/analytics, all at a touch of a button.

waEV-charge EV chargers are designed with the future in mind, meaning all components can be easily upgraded (plug & play) with future EV technology and with minimal further investment.

We include a 3-year warranty from the day the unit is first used for charging and our aftercare team are available online 24/7, should you encounter any technical issues.

The EV1 charger comes in 7kW & 22kW power options making it suitable for both domestic & commercial locations and features industry leading EV technology at a fraction of the price of similar spec, EV chargers.

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Manufacturer WaEV
Tethered Tethered 5m
Request for quote No
Color Black
Solar Compatible Yes
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