Please read Ascent Energys terms and conditions as to what is covered in your standard install and the process involved if additional work is required. There are occasions where problems are identified on site in the process of your EV Charge point installation, in some instances this will mean the unfortunate circumstance of us being unable to complete the install on the day.

If there is anything you feel may cause an issue please contact one of the Ascent Energy team to help reduce any delay in completing your install.

Ascent Energy's standard domestic installation entails the following based on an average UK House -
  • Connection & fitting of the EV Charge point to a wall (Render, Block, brick, plaster, cladding K-rend or similar solid structure).
  • The fixing of cabling to the exterior of your house using suitable cable cleats and or clips no higher than 2.8 meters, from the charge point to consumer unit or meter box.
  • The fitting of a small consumer unit to the house where no suitable provisions are available to the existing consumer unit, including suitable circuit protection inline with BS7671:2018 and manufactures requirements.
  • Allowance for the drilling of a hole through a wall up to 600mm thick if required to route the cabling
  • The installation of a surge suppressor if deemed necessary by our Ascent Energy engineer using a BS7671:2018 risk calculation assessment.
  • The fitting of a load management device and current transformer clamp to reduce the chances of overloading your incoming supply fuse, this will disconnect the charge point if a pre-set value is met.
  • The fitting of a functional isolation switch if required by manufactures requirements
  • Where necessary the installation of an earth electrode rod, clamp and box if ground conditions are appropriate (Underground services clear of rod position and direct into soft soil)
  • The test and inspection of the work carried out including the supply of electronic certification including building control notification
  • Commissioning and demonstration of the charge point by your Ascent Energy installer
Conditions & Limitations Domestic -
  • There must be steady Wifi at the location of the charge point to a reading of -68dBm or superior, this is to ensure correct operation of your home charger and be able to receive over the air firmware updates. If there is no Wifi in the installation location of the charger please contact us so that we can advise on a appropriate harger with e-sim 3g/4g connectivity 
  • The EV Charge point must be fitted within your off street parking area and the charging cable must not pass over any private or public footpath or highway including neighboring
  • properties. The unit must be placed so it can't be struck by a vehicle
  • Ascent Energy will not carry out any civil work including the digging of trenches for cable ducts, ground mount post sleeves and the reinstating work associated with this
  • The cabling must be fixed to a wall or suitable surface and cannot span across a space or between buildings
  • Any cabling run within the fabric of the building must be aided by the fitment of appropriate draw lines and or ducting this is to be carried out by you the customer.
  • Where necessary floor boards must be lifted prior to our arrival and reinstating of floor boards must be carried out by the customer
  • It remains our installers discretion to refuse to work in loft spaces or underfloors if it is deemed unsafe
  • Ascent Energy will not be liable for any losses in the work having to be rescheduled
  • Ascent Energy Reserve the right to withdraw our offer of install, if this happens you will be offered a full refund.
Ascent Energy's standard commercial installation entails the following -

Commercial EV charging installation will be surveyed, quoted and installed in line with an agreed scope of works on a case by case basis. The terms and conditions of the associated installation will be detailed within the scope of works provided alongside your quotation. Please see seperate terms and conditions accompanied with your quotation. 

Ascent Energy Process if further work is required-
  • We work to BS7671 2018 Amendment 3 Standard Regulations and NICEIC guidelines on Electric Vehicle installations 722 .
  • If for any reason your installation is deemed to fall short of these regulations our installer will identify the issues and collect information to enable a comprehensive quote to be provided.
  • Alternatively you may wish to use your own electrician to carry out the required work and return proof to us to enable completion of your charge point fitting.
  • Our Ascent Energy admin team will be on hand to assist with your installation quote needs and rebook where acceptance of the quote is made.
  • One of our team will return and rectify the issues identified and complete the install.
  • If an issue is identified with your electricity supply or meter we can contact your local distributor network operator to discuss the necessary works.
  • If our installer thinks the installation will not comply with the OZEV electric homecharge scheme requirements works may have to halt until such evidence is gathered to ensure conformity. We may in some circumstances with the new evidence have to seek advice from OZEV to ensure compliance and rebook the install for a later date until comfirmation is received.
  • A responsible adult of the age of 18 years or over needs to be present for the duration of the installation.
Limitation of liability-
  • You (the customer) are liable for any costs incurred due to the supply of false, inaccurate or incomplete information to Ascent Energy in relation to the OZEV and electric home charge scheme.
  • This includes, but isn’t limited to, issues related to land ownership or power which can’t be assessed prior to install. In these circumstances we will provide a full refund of all money paid to Ascent Energy in respect of the planned installation, unless you (the customer) withheld any key information from us. Our liability for any other losses won’t exceed the amount we charge you for your install, except for our liability for personal injury or death caused by our negligence and anything else where our liability can’t be limited by law.
  • Ascent Energy will not be liable for any losses in the work having to be rescheduled
  • Ascent Energy Reserve the right to withdraw our offer of install, if this happens you will be offered full refund.
Electric Home Charge Scheme for Electric Car Charging-
  • The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) provides a grant for EV drivers to have a Charge Point installed at their home. Ascent Energy will carry out the application in order to claim the grant for you.
  • After check out and booking of an installation our admin team will contact you to request supporting evidence prior to fitting to ensure you qualify. *
  • The OZEV EVHS & WCS is subject to a number of terms and conditions, a summary of which is provided here.
Summary of OZEV terms and conditions-

The EV chargepoint grant provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle smart chargepoints at domestic properties across the UK. It replaced the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) on 1 April 2022. Please click here to see the latest information relating to grant scheme eligibility.

  • Ascent Energy use directly employed electrical engineers with national coverage for EV charger installation.
  • In some circumstances during very busy periods Ascent Energy may employ the support of third party contractors for installation of EV charge points.
  • All third party contractors are fully vetted by our technical team to ensure that any operatives undertaking this work are fully qualified and competant with the highest quality standards.
  • Ascent Energy approved installers will hold Accreditation with a registered body such as NIC EIC.
  • Have attended our in house training program to gain product specific certification.
  • Installers will hold relevant and up to date electrical qualifications.
  • Have sufficient test equipment to allow comprehensive verification of your install.
  • Hold Public liability insurance to a minimum of £2 Million.
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