Project EV 7.3kW EVA-07S-PE-RFID Tethered

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Project EV 7.3kW EVA-07S-PE-RFID
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What are our thoughts about this charger?

Our technical team:


"The EVA-07S-SE range of domestic charger by Project EV has everything you could possible need from an EV charger. It has built in RCBO protection and Pro Earth meaning all of the necessary safety requirements are met without the need for an earth rod. Although this is pretty common now for EV chargers it's certainly nice to have. The charger is also solar compatible with additional CT clamps connected. Aesthetically the charger looks nice and modern and feels well made. There are customisations available to allow for 4g connectivity and RFID access. Project EV remains a popular choice for both domestic and commercial applications with such a broad range of charger options available."

Our installation engineers:

"We always enjoy installing Project EV products because you know there isn't going to be any issues with the charger or the installation. A very reliable option for both domestic and commercial applications and a charger that looks very nice on the wall when installed."

What the manufacturer says:

Project EV AC Chargers are all IP65 rated, meaning they are protected from dust particles and low-pressure water jets from any direction, as well as condensation and water spray..

The entire Project EV range comes with onboard RCBO isolation as standard. Enabling you full electrical protection, ready out of the box.

All Project EV AC chargers come with a market-leading 5 Year Warranty as standard.


Project EV’s ethos is to make charging your electric vehicle as stress-free as possible. With our four modes of control, we believe we have the best solutions for all users.

Plug & Charge. With plug and charge, simply connect your vehicle to a Project EV charger, and your charging cycle will begin. You do not require any additional software or applications to control your EV charge point.

RFID Card. RFID control allows the user to easily start and stop their charging cycle with the simple swipe of a card.

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Manufacturer Project EV
Tethered Tethered 5m
Request for quote No
Color Black
Solar Compatible Yes
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