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What are our thoughts about this charger?

Our technical team:

"The Easee One charger is a superb little charger with all of the latest safety features. It has five colours to choose from which are simple covers which can easily be replaced at any time so you can change the appearance of the charger if you change your car or re-decorate your house which we think is a brilliant idea. It also has the ability to lock your lead into the charger which changes it from an untethered charger to a tethered charger. They also have some great accessories, such as the Easee U-Hook, designed to hold your tethered lead if you lock it into the charger."

Our installation engineers:

"This charger has always been one of the simplest chargers to install and they always work as they should do without any issues. The customer also gets free 4g e-sim subscription for life which means the charger can be installed in areas that dont have WIFI access."

What the manufacturer says:

Easee One is intelligent and adapts to all electric vehicles, power voltages and mains. The charging robot will automatically detect the car's power requirements. There is no need to think about technical specifications, Easee One always adapts to the car’s needs and delivers the maximum power available at your home.

Easee One is available in five different colours. The charger is shipped in either white or black as standard, but If you choose an alternative colour an additional cover plate is provided for you. You can even change the cover plate yourself, which means if you decide to change the colour in the future all you have to do is order the cover.

Faster charging 3 X

With Easee One, you can charge up to 3x times faster than with a regular outlet. It charges as quickly as possible with the available capacity and provides you with the highest charging power.

Optimized charging 3 x

You can have up to 3 Charging Robots on one fuse. All connected cars can be charged at the same time, and the available power is distributed automatically and dynamically between the vehicles.

Powerful 7 kW

Easee One charges on single phase power and supports charging up to 7 kW. It has a Type 2 universal charging connector.

Always updated 24 /7

The Charging Robot is equipped with built-in e-sim and mobile communication. If you buy now, you get a lifetime subscription included.



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Manufacturer Easee
Tethered UnTethered
Request for quote No
Color Dark Blue
Solar Compatible No
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